Terms and Conditions

The following 10 points are our Terms and Conditions, please read them properly. We ask you, before a purchase/sale, to sign these for agreement on the front.

1 Our VAT number is 8565.76.906.B.01.
Our Terms and Conditions are applicable to all offers, activities and agreements between Stal Doorstap and the buyer/seller. All other terms and conditions are excluded. The laws of the Netherlands apply to the agreement.
A All disputes as these might arise from the purchase/sale, or any other legal act, can solely be submitted to the District Court in Breda, the Netherlands.
B We ask you to sign the conditions of sale, with possible additions about known problems/defects of the horse/pony, and at the transfer the transfer contract, for agreement.

2 Age and race unknown pedigree horse
Estimating the age and the race of an unknown pedigree horse remains open for discussion.
A We can never give a warranty over the actual age of horses and ponies without a pedigree and shall not be held liable by the buyer.
B The buyer agrees with the animal as it is and Stal Doorstap shall not be held liable by the buyer if the horse/pony proves to be of another race then what he had expected.

3 We are a member of the Dutch Association Nederlandse Bond Voor Paardenhandelaren. Trade register Chamber of Commerce number: 20092326 in Breda. Our Terms and Conditions have been filed here.

4 A By signing the purchase contract you are assured of the fact that you get a trade-in guarantee up to half a year after purchase. Refund of money is not possible! Since we have a weekly supply of new horses and ponies, there should, especially over a longer term, be the horse of your dreams among them, so that we can give that trade-in guarantee. You have therefore all the time to get to know the horse in your own chosen environment as good as possible and you can look whether there is a click between you and the horse or the pony.
B The trade-in guarantee is no insurance. Should the horse/pony for instance suffer an injury at your place and you want to trade it in, then the value is not the same as it was at the purchase. You will have to pay extra for a healthy horse. There may be differences of opinion about horses and ponies that are sold “on offer” or “comes with a story”. This may happen because they have a defect and/or riding related problem, or because for instance they are not suitable for a (certain branch of) sports, or because there is still work to be done concerning them. These horses/ponies are also sold with a trade-in guarantee. You should however count on an additional amount, if you want to trade in these animals, even when the defect in itself was no problem for you.

5 Sometimes people prove to be very disappointed when a horse/pony has been sold before they could decide upon a purchase or have been able to come and take a look. Read the below attentively:
A RESERVATION: Did you fall for a horse/pony but you need time to think it over? Are you interested in a horse but you don’t have the time just now to come and take a look? For € 100 we remove it from our offering as an option for you and we will take care of it, up to a maximum of 5 days. The horse/ pony shall never be sold in this period to someone else! The € 100 will be deducted from the possible purchase amount. The paid reservation amount may also be used as a discount on another horse within a year after the date. Reservations and purchases are only valid if they have been confirmed by us in writing (and/or per mail).
B We work according to the principle ‘First come, first served’. Unfortunately we cannot enter into discussion about horses that have been sold or reserved.

6 If a horse/pony has been sold then it should be paid for and collected no later than 7 days after the purchase, unless agreed differently. If this has not been put in writing, then the 7 days payment and collection term applies. For each week after this term € 100 will be charged as costs. If you do not comply with a timely payment of the costs within 2 weeks after the purchase, then the contract can be dissolved unilaterally by Stal Doorstap. Reservation costs/advance payment/hand payment/costs will then not be refunded. Transport is possible in consultation, provided that we have enough time available, against a fee. We have a 2 horse trailer and a 6 horse truck. We possess the diploma expertise for live stock transport.

7 We cooperate as much as possible with the mutual contact between a former and a new master of a horse/pony. We only pass on data if parties appreciate this in view of the privacy laws.

8 Various costs, or veterinary, of a purchased horse, cannot be claimed from us. Stal Doorstap shall NOT be held liable by the buyer for possible (consequential) damage caused by a sold article or horse/pony, this applies to both new and used products

9 Stal Doorstap offers a buyer all possibilities to ensure himself about the behaviour, stable behaviour and riding level of the horse(s)/pony (ies) to be purchased. When the buyer wishes to conclude the purchase as a layman, then he should be accompanied by an expert, if not then he cannot claim that as a layman he bought the horse, the pony. Buyer agrees by means of the purchase(s) of the horse(s)/the pony (ies) with the behaviour, stable behaviour and riding level as they are. Buyer accepts that this behaviour, stable behaviour and riding level can change both in a positive as in a negative sense. Horses and ponies are creatures of habit and need at least 4 weeks to get used to new a location.

10 Buyer derives no rights from descriptions of horses and ponies for sale or equestrian sport articles both on the website and in internet advertisements.

Errors in form and/or print are reserved.

(Download the Terms and Conditions as a PDF document.)
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